Centinel guarantees privacy by providing an easy way to stop unwanted tracking and surveillance applications. In addition, Centinel minimizes radiation by improving reception.

Privacy without compromises

Centinel has developed a groundbreaking solution that guarantees user privacy. Feel completely safe from unwanted GPS tracking, speech recognition, disguised audio recordings, spying by camera, or anything else that you wouldn’t want to share without your consent.

This is all possible with our Privacy Mode system, which is easily managed with a physical switch on the side of the phone.  Ensure privacy when entering important business meeting with the flick of a switch, then later on while relaxing on the hotel sofa, switch back communication components that you need.

Minimized Radiation Levels – Healthier Phone Usage

There are currently 5 billion mobile phones around the world. When using wireless phones they produce radio frequency radiation, which has been classified as possibly carcinogenic to humans, increasing the risk of cancer and other health problems. Due to a high number of cellphone users and longtime daily usage, of all age groups, this issue has been under fierce debate between the telecom industry and health organizations.

Centinel has decided to address this issue by using Cellraid’s Quanta Algorithm, which monitors exposure to radiation levels in real-time. When a certain level of radiation is reached, Quanta acts to limit the radiation level thus increasing the user’s wellbeing.

Additionally, Centinel is using advanced antenna designing technology which is simultaneously providing clearer voice quality, improved data communication, and further reducing the level of radio frequency exposure.



Privacy and security violations are in the headlines more often these days. Information companies and other entities collect information about users for many reasons, often without the users’ knowledge.  Despite claims made about mobile device software privacy and security features it is difficult to know for sure if they are correctly configured or even function correctly in the first place.



Did you know that your mobile phone RF emissions could be affecting your health? The potential dangers of cellphone radiation is a well kept secret. How about a phone that is designed to limit radiation levels? Centinel takes this issue very seriously. Our phone is designed to monitor and manage radiation levels so you don’t need to worry.

About Us

Being the home of Nokia, Mobile Phone Technology has a long history in Finland. Janne and Pasi, like many young engineers joined the company during the boom years and became part of a revolution. The industry exploded as it set about connecting people to each other, to their work and endless sources of information and entertainment.

Founded on the possibilities of a new technology, the industry has matured and become increasingly aggressive as it seeks new ways to maintain demand for its products and services. We now see most adults and many young children virtually addicted to social media and games. Users are exposed to radiation for hours each day and willing to give up private information in exchange for essentially free services.

With children of their own, Janne and Pasi see the industry through different eyes and decided to tackle these two important issues of privacy and exposure to radiation by creating Centinel.

Janne Knuutinen

Janne Knuutinen

Janne Knuutinen – founder of Centinel mobiles, has over 14 years experience in R&D and customer relations with Nokia and Microsoft. Janne believes in the user’s right to privacy and his special interest is the design of mobile phones with excellent wireless performance and minimum radiation.

Pasi Ala-Mieto

Pasi Ala-Mieto

Pasi began his career with Nokia, and has extensive international experience in telecommunications and high-tech business. He has a Master of Science degree from the Helsinki University of Technology. Pasi has a personal ambition to bring about change in the communication sector believing that service providers must be more respectful of the privacy and health of users.